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Yes, the estimable Charles Barkley, who plans on running for governor of Alabama in 2014, doesn’t know the capital of Arizona, despite having played on the Phoenix Suns for four seasons! You just can’t make up this stuff. 

Oh yeah, TNT couldn’t help themselves by getting another dig in to Sarah Palin. Let it go people. 


 Hilarious FLASHBACK:


Sarah Palin is back home in Alaska. The pressure and filters are off, so now we can get to know this great woman. 

Listen to this four-part local radio interview with Sarah Palin. We need more people in government like this classy lady. 


Sarah Palin responds to these anonymous smears and the “jerks” who spread them during an impromptu press conference


h/t Hot Air

Gateway Pundit has a round-up. 

Gabriel at Ace of Spades supports Sarah Palin. 

Greta shares her thoughts. 

Charles Barkley is running his mouth again. Tonight on the TNT halftime report of the Phoenix Suns-New Orleans Hornets basketball game, Charles and the gang couldn’t resist injecting derogatory comments aimed at Sarah Palin. 

Discussing the Phoenix Suns’ bench, Ernie Johnson (E.J.) reminded Charles of his off-air comment about their “thinness.” Barkley pipes up, “I told Kennie off-air that their resume [the Phoenix Suns’ bench] is thinner than Sarah Palin’s!” 

*Laughter, Laughter. Holding our sides. This snickering and guffawing is making us laugh so hard because we’re so clever and funny us ultra-liberals with our sexist language insulting a professional woman because we’re so smart we believe everything the media spoon feeds us. Ha, ha, we’re really zombies following our Dear Leader community organizer. No really, ‘cuz he has experience. and hope. and change.”

Then putting his hand to his brow looking off in the distance, E.J. chimmed in with the hilarious comment, “I can see Alaska from the set.”

*More laughter ‘cuz we’re so witty and original.*

You know, I love basketball and have enjoyed the TNT Thursday night games. The group is funny and make me laugh. But I watch TNT Thursday nights for basketball, NOT politics and certainly not sexist comments. As a Hillary Clinton supporter, Magic Johnson never made sexist comments about Hillary. I may be going out on a limb, but I have a hunch that it’s a party affiliation issue. 

I just left a message with TNT and let them know that I watch the show for basketball, not political digs or sexist comments. Here’s the contact information if you want to let TNT know what you think:

TNT Viewer Comment and Question Line: 404-885-4538.


Listen here.

We want to see this woman for the next four years!

Sarah Palin, Gretchen Wilson, and the people of Asheville sing Happy Birthday to Sarah Palin’s mom in Alaska via her Blackberry. 


h/t Greta Wire

Elaine Lafferty, a Democrat and former editor of Ms., shares her take on Sarah Palin.

Read the whole thing. This is true feminism. 

In order for a Democrat to write like this about a Republican, Ms. Lafferty knows who she is herself. Regardless of party affiliation, I love someone who is comfortable in their own skin. 

h/t Hot Air


h/t HillBuzz

Much is made by the media and others about Sarah Palin’s accent. “She has the folksy thing nailed.” Jokes and insults abound about “fer sure,” dropping her g’s, and “you betcha.” As someone who grew up in a Scandinavian family and lived in northwest Minnesota for many years, I am not put off by the way Sarah Palin speaks. 

Incidentally, I find the responses to Palin’s accent a Rorscharch test. Her accent differs from what most people hear on a regular basis, unless you live in the upper Midwest and states bordering Canada, which includes Alaska.  

Those who are unfamiliar with this accent and think she talks funny need to understand a few things.

  • This is a common and normal, yes I said normal, accent with people who live in the upper midwest and close to Canada. (Honestly, we all think you talk kinda funny!) 
  • Her manner of speech is not a gimmick. 
  • She doesn’t practice the accent.
  • The winks and “jaw juts” are not programmed. 
  • She isn’t stoopid
  • THAT is the language of people who live there. We really do talk like that. Think Fargo.
  • So, are you telling me this accent is only acceptable when Garrison Keillor narrates his Lake Wobegan news on NPR?   
  • Stop lookin’ down yer nose and get over it fer goodness sake. 


69.9 MILLION people watched the Vice-Presidential debate last night. That number includes the TV stations, but does not include viewers in bars, airports, restaurants, etc. as well as online streaming viewers. My guess is that the number is much, much more than that.

Sarah Palin embodies the intangibles that cannot be taught. She connects with people with authenticity. She spoke to the American people without the MSM filter. 

Contrary to Democrats and MSM talking heads, Palin hammered Obama on how his plans will increase taxes on the middle class, his reckless comments against our troops, his votes against energy independence and foreign dependence on oil, his vote to give Oil companies tax breaks, his bad judgment on Iraq, Afghanistan, and his vow to meet Iran leaders without preconditions. There was only 90 minutes to do so much. She did very well. 

“I always thought she would do well. . . .You saw a very composed and effective debater.”

And then on cue, Hillary repeats the redundant Democratic talking points of McCain/Palin as “more of the same.” That mantra is really tiresome.

As I observe Bill and Hillary Clinton in the press and their glaring absences, I can’t help but wonder: What is the Clinton end game? You know they have one. 2012? Supreme Court Justice? UN Ambassador? hmmm…

Baseball Crank, doing the job the main-stream media will not, posts an in-depth look at Gov. Sarah Palin’s experience in Alaska. Worth the time to read.

(H/T Hot Air)

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