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PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) rears its ugly head and the Left and the MSM city slickers are in a tizzy again courtesy of, guess who?: Sarah Palin! You’d think they were obsessed with her or something . . .

Doing what governors do prior to Thanksgiving, Governor Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey. While at the turkey farm, she gave an impromptu on-camera interview as the other not-so-fortunate gobblers were prepared in the background for our Thanksgiving feasts next week.  


This is outrageous because? Someone give these lefties and liberal MSM elites a clue. They wouldn’t be such blubbering hypocrites if they showed some outrage at the barbaric practice of abortion on demand and partial birth abortion. The beasts are these liberal idiots who will sound a clarion call to defend an animal, but not an innocent baby.

This pithy, sobering email comment from NRO sums up the Left’s outrage perfectly:

She should tell the media that she apologizes and she’ll do her next interview inside an abortion clinic. 

(h/t Power Line)


A quote from an anonymous source. Trust me on this one.

And while we’re at it, how’s that for libel, slander, and defamation, eh Carl?

I’d report a response from Mr. Cameron, but he’s busy rinsing out his mouth and flossing his toothy grin.

P.S. So let’s get this straight. John McCain wants to run an honorable campaign, and the day after he loses the Election his minions are unleashed to trash the VP candidate, Sarah Palin? Slander Sarah Palin, but Jeremiah Wright is off the table?

And is it really Carl Cameron’s “duty” to report this drivel? Without sources? Spineless. 

Another episode for the PDS annals.

The American Spectator reports that the “anonymous” McCain sources are ex-Romney aides??? Ace speculates that the leakers may not be ex-Romney aides. David Frum thinks it may be Nicole Wallace, who has a track record. 

Greta offers some clarity

Until we get people ON THE RECORD, we will not know. But they have done their damage.



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