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Hubby and crew taking a dip at the equator.

All work and no play make the Squids . . . .


Funnier than expected. Donning their white boxers and rose colored Oxfords, Coach K, Rick Pitino, Roy Williams, and Bobby Knight participate in the “Risky Business” of a Guitar Hero commercial with Metallica. Take a look.

Here’s behind the scenes footage with the coaches.

Yes, the estimable Charles Barkley, who plans on running for governor of Alabama in 2014, doesn’t know the capital of Arizona, despite having played on the Phoenix Suns for four seasons! You just can’t make up this stuff. 

Oh yeah, TNT couldn’t help themselves by getting another dig in to Sarah Palin. Let it go people. 


 Hilarious FLASHBACK:

Since I like trivia, enjoy games, and must be organized, I am compiling some categories for President-Elect Obama and his Administration for future virtual rounds of Jeopardy!. As we follow President-Elect Obama and his Administration through the next four years, I will file their activities, legislation, policy, etc. into different categories. We can stay sharp on our politics by routinely playing Obama Jeopardy!, have a nice filing system to the Obama Administration’s activities, and have fun! It’s a win-win. 

Here are some first round categories:

  1. What is my Messianic Complex?
  2. Get Your Facts Straight: Keeping Promises or Breaking Promises 
  3. Where am I Governing: from the Right? the Center? or the Left?
  4. Quasi-Related Pairs: First Ladies
  5. Also a Chicago Politician
  6. Name that Alinsky Rule

Moving on to Double Jeopardy

  1. Quotes that begin with “I AM” 
  2. Name that Aggressor Country
  3. VP Joe Biden Potent Potables
  4. Common Bonds: Name that Donor
  5. Anagrams and Astroturfing
  6. ?

What categories would you add?

I can’t decide if this is an Elite Alert or an Idiot Alert. I know, they’re usually synonymous. Well, you decide: 


h/t Greta Wire

John McCain on SNL. John McCain has a keen sense of humor and good comedic timing. Great writing in the skit too. Here’s his Weekend Update appearance. Hehe.

I don’t know how to embed this video. Anyone know how to do this? 


Goodness, I just spit my food on the computer screen from laughing at this video.

Doonesbury cartoonist sees the future. Heh. 


Dewey Defeats Truman Headline

Dewey Defeats Truman Headline

In the words of the Chicago Tribune in 1948, “Well, everyone makes mistakes.”

History repeating itself.


h/t Michelle Malkin

Charles Barkley is running his mouth again. Tonight on the TNT halftime report of the Phoenix Suns-New Orleans Hornets basketball game, Charles and the gang couldn’t resist injecting derogatory comments aimed at Sarah Palin. 

Discussing the Phoenix Suns’ bench, Ernie Johnson (E.J.) reminded Charles of his off-air comment about their “thinness.” Barkley pipes up, “I told Kennie off-air that their resume [the Phoenix Suns’ bench] is thinner than Sarah Palin’s!” 

*Laughter, Laughter. Holding our sides. This snickering and guffawing is making us laugh so hard because we’re so clever and funny us ultra-liberals with our sexist language insulting a professional woman because we’re so smart we believe everything the media spoon feeds us. Ha, ha, we’re really zombies following our Dear Leader community organizer. No really, ‘cuz he has experience. and hope. and change.”

Then putting his hand to his brow looking off in the distance, E.J. chimmed in with the hilarious comment, “I can see Alaska from the set.”

*More laughter ‘cuz we’re so witty and original.*

You know, I love basketball and have enjoyed the TNT Thursday night games. The group is funny and make me laugh. But I watch TNT Thursday nights for basketball, NOT politics and certainly not sexist comments. As a Hillary Clinton supporter, Magic Johnson never made sexist comments about Hillary. I may be going out on a limb, but I have a hunch that it’s a party affiliation issue. 

I just left a message with TNT and let them know that I watch the show for basketball, not political digs or sexist comments. Here’s the contact information if you want to let TNT know what you think:

TNT Viewer Comment and Question Line: 404-885-4538.

Whew. I can watch the Disney Channel without being bombarded by Obama commercials. Glad to know that.

Some Saturday afternoon entertainment. You’ll be humming it for the rest of the day. 



“He never met a tax he didn’t like

He’s got crazy friends like Reverend Wright.

He’d rather give away the foreign land fight.

Non, merci beaucoup!


Aw, go inflate your own tires!”

h/t Nice Deb.

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