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Succinct insight from Dorothy Sayers:

If you wish to preserve a free democracy, you must base it — not on classes and categories, for this will land you in the totalitarian State, where no one may act or think except as the member of a category. You must base it upon the individual . . . upon you and me. (p 50)

In a recent conversation, someone said they didn’t get “fed” when they taught in church. Others around the table nodded in agreement. This revelatory statement told me a couple of things, namely this person (and the ones agreeing) is missing the joy of study and preparation when sharing God’s word. For me, these are the most fruitful, introspective, and insightful times. I absolutely love that part of ministry. When I heard this spoken, it made me wonder about calling to ministry, how much time this person devotes to preparation, and the selfishness of that mindset.

Ever since, I’ve pondered this person’s statement. For full-time ministers and people called to ministry, we are always giving to others and “feeding.” Should we rely on others to “feed” us? Is staying connected with God and self-care in our daily walk not enough? There is no shortage of resources: sermon podcasts, websites with audio and video resources, small groups, Bible studies, etc.

If you’re called to ministry or serving in church, how do you stay “fed”? What are your thoughts on that mindset? Does your study preparation “feed” you? Is there a danger in always being the giver and never receiving? What does healthy and balanced look like?


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