Since I like trivia, enjoy games, and must be organized, I am compiling some categories for President-Elect Obama and his Administration for future virtual rounds of Jeopardy!. As we follow President-Elect Obama and his Administration through the next four years, I will file their activities, legislation, policy, etc. into different categories. We can stay sharp on our politics by routinely playing Obama Jeopardy!, have a nice filing system to the Obama Administration’s activities, and have fun! It’s a win-win. 

Here are some first round categories:

  1. What is my Messianic Complex?
  2. Get Your Facts Straight: Keeping Promises or Breaking Promises 
  3. Where am I Governing: from the Right? the Center? or the Left?
  4. Quasi-Related Pairs: First Ladies
  5. Also a Chicago Politician
  6. Name that Alinsky Rule

Moving on to Double Jeopardy

  1. Quotes that begin with “I AM” 
  2. Name that Aggressor Country
  3. VP Joe Biden Potent Potables
  4. Common Bonds: Name that Donor
  5. Anagrams and Astroturfing
  6. ?

What categories would you add?