George Orwell’s 1984 that is. 

From Wizbang: 

A New Cabinet Level Department Under Obama Administration


The Corner points us to HR 808, the Department of Peace & Non-Violence. It’s a new cabinet level the Democrats are proposing. I’m not kidding. This is going to be huge. And expensive. And oppressive. Take a look at some of the offices.

Office of Peace Education and Training

Office of Domestic Peace Activities

Office of International Peace Activities

Office of Technology for Peace

Office of Arms Control and Disarmament

Office of Peaceful Coexistence and Nonviolent Conflict Resolution

Office of Human Rights and Economic Rights

Another chilling preview of what an Obama Administration will implement, changing our country into a socialist (dare I say fascist?) state.

Yep, that’s some kind of change. And you can keep it. 


h/t HillBuzz