Advocacy journalism on full-display in Colorado today: 

Hersperger couldn’t get a ticket for Obama’s presidential acceptance speech at INVESCO Field at Mile High in August but wasn’t going to miss him when he came to Fort Collins. “It’s historic,” Hersperger said. “This way we can tell him he saw the president of the United States.”

Notice the reporter, the embodiment of fact and truth, says Obama’s presidential NOMINEE acceptance speech back in August at the Democratic National Convention was in fact Obama’s presidential acceptance speech. I know the whole Greek temple thing made it seem like the second coming of Caesar and all. The reporter and Mr. Hersperger may be projecting a bit, but they forgot one minor detail. 

A small, insignificant, frivolous, irrelevant detail like a general election and the American people actually VOTING! 

oh yeah, silly me. I forgot–this isn’t an election, it’s a coronation. duh.