from NRO

A pollster just doing his job and having the audacity to report the actual numbers that *gasp* show McCain/Palin ahead in Ohio!

Below are the results of a three-day poll of likely voters in the state of Ohio. Results are based on telephone interviews with 1200 likely voters in Ohio, aged 18+, and conducted October 20-22, 2008 by telephone. The margin of sampling error is ±3 percentage points.

1. If the election for President were held today would you support the Democratic ticket of Barack Obama and Joseph Biden or the Republican ticket of John McCain and Sarah Palin? 
McCain/Palin 48% 
Obama/Biden 45% 
Other 2% 
Undecided 5%

And in return, what does he get from an Obamacon? A death threat. 

My goodness, your polls stinks. There are 3 polls that have Obama by double digits and only yours has Obama down. WOW!. How come your poll is the only one giving Palin high favor ratings? I think you nee dto be careful tonight when you get in your car and might want to check underneath your car. SCRAP YOUR IDIOTIC POLLS OR ELSE!

Unhinged. Desperate. 

One can only imagine the sort of chaos after Nov. 4 when their guy loses. Lock your doors. Pull the curtains. Take down your McCain/Palin signs.

Welcome to the Banana Republic.