Much is made by the media and others about Sarah Palin’s accent. “She has the folksy thing nailed.” Jokes and insults abound about “fer sure,” dropping her g’s, and “you betcha.” As someone who grew up in a Scandinavian family and lived in northwest Minnesota for many years, I am not put off by the way Sarah Palin speaks. 

Incidentally, I find the responses to Palin’s accent a Rorscharch test. Her accent differs from what most people hear on a regular basis, unless you live in the upper Midwest and states bordering Canada, which includes Alaska.  

Those who are unfamiliar with this accent and think she talks funny need to understand a few things.

  • This is a common and normal, yes I said normal, accent with people who live in the upper midwest and close to Canada. (Honestly, we all think you talk kinda funny!) 
  • Her manner of speech is not a gimmick. 
  • She doesn’t practice the accent.
  • The winks and “jaw juts” are not programmed. 
  • She isn’t stoopid
  • THAT is the language of people who live there. We really do talk like that. Think Fargo.
  • So, are you telling me this accent is only acceptable when Garrison Keillor narrates his Lake Wobegan news on NPR?   
  • Stop lookin’ down yer nose and get over it fer goodness sake.